Board Meeting 08/25/02016 (TNC)

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This is a Transhuman National Committee document – not an encyclopaedia article. Please do not edit it without special permission.

David Othus's Proxy Assigned to Chairperson

John Warren's Proxy assigned to Natasha Vita-more and in her absence the Chairperson

Attending: David Kelley, Adiar Daniels, Rachel Stone, Mark Waser, (undisclosed guest attendee's from the community)

Board Meeting:08/25/02016 AD 8:00 AM PST - 8:50AM PST

Motion 1 (PASSED - 1): We [TNC Board] move to adopt the minutes of the last board meeting Board_Meeting_05/18/02016.

Motion 2 (PASSED - 1): We [TNC Board] move to accept Katharina Buholzer's resignation of board member at large.

Motion 3 (PASSED): We [TNC Board] move to create an admin user account for the online forums and assign said administration as per the executive committee appointment where the assignments are not public to protect the actual admin users that can interact as themselves w/o being admin which separates public personal opinion from administrative action.

Motion 4 (PASSED): We [TNC Board] move to authorize the creation of a TNC Steemit account.

Motion 5 (Motion to TABLE PASSED): We [TNC Board] move to authorize the use of Steemit for the creation of and management of a member registration sign-up system.

Motion 6 (PASSED): We [TNC Board] move to authorize the joint funding venture with the Extreme Futures Technology Fest with the sponsorship and joint venture with Artificial General Intelligence Inc and

Motion 7 (PASSED): We [TNC Board] move to authorize the Chair to accept trademark transfers or organizational transfers w/o condition otherwise such acceptance shall go back to the board.

Board Discussion of STEEMIT Usage, TP Trademark, Fundraising, Previous Budget, Timeline, Legal organization around 527 Shares or percentages around funding or paid members, trademark transfers from other groups or organizations, legal implications of stack control vs political process.

(it is the consensus of the board that it is important to prevent high-jacking of the community effort in policy platform making.)