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This page describes a transhumanist political initiative that is supported by Transpolitica.

The initiative is summarised as Brain tech leading to super mental health.

Description of initiative

(The following description is taken from the chapter "An introduction to tomorrow's politics" in the ebook "Anticipating tomorrow's politics".)

This regenerative initiative focuses on yet another type of abundance: mental well-being, including well-being in the emotional and spiritual dimensions.

Just as science is providing an unprecedented understanding of energy and materials (the first Transpolitica regenerative initiative), and of bodily health and rejuvenation (the second), it is also providing unprecedented insight into the operation of mind and brain. To an extent never before imagined, we are gaining an awareness of the factors that influence our levels of happiness, engagement, creativity, autonomy, mindfulness, and consciousness.

Presently, many of us often struggle through periods of life in which, despite having lots of possessions, we’re only semi-conscious. But with more focus on the causes of mental well-being – causes that include physical, chemical, biological, physiological, psychological, and social factors, as well as intellectual development – technology will become better placed to allow everyone access to states of mental enlightenment which, previously, were hard even to imagine.