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Career options for futurists

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This page Career options for futurists provides advice for people wondering about becoming a futurist in the next stage of their career.

Someone called a "futurist" is often doing the same work in an organisation as people with the job-title "researcher" or "strategist" or "innovator".


In practice, a futurist will be doing one or more of the following:

  • Creating and delivering thought-provoking keynotes or other presentations
  • Writing reports, white papers, webpages, magazine articles, or book chapters
  • Helping organisations to create and review scenarios
  • Helping organisations to identify and track trends
  • Contributing to workshops in which organisations work out their future strategy
  • Teaching organisations about tools and techniques which they can subsequently apply by themselves.


Three potential skill areas for futurists are:

  1. Determining which future scenarios are credible - this requires skills in forecasting
  2. Determining which future scenarios are desirable - this requires skills in philosophy
  3. Determining how to increase the likelihood of desirable scenarios - this requires skills in agility, activism, politics, and entreprenuerialism

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