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The purposes of H+Pedia
When you play the game of wikis, you reliably source or die


Person involved with the UK Pirate Party and Transhumanist Party (UK)

I do party IT stuff, misc web fielding and consultancy. I prefer my privacy but have a huge digital footprint :(

As of 13/9/2017 I am UK ambassador to the US Transhumanist Party.

If you don't know me for my transhumanist stuff, you probably know me for my cybercrime research.


As of 5/1/16 I am the principle contributor to H+Pedia, followed by David Wood at #2. I've been editing wikis seriously starting from 2013 when I started tracking Web blocking in the UK and capturing the blocked sites. Since then following the news, research and activism have become strongly related with writing things down on wikis. I like to do this both for my own sake out of habit as my Exobrain, but also as a stepping stone for sharing my ideas and interests with people, many of which are highly niche and are poorly summerised for lay audiences.

Writing a good chunk of a transhumanist wiki by myself was a surprise even to me. The disorganisation of transhumanist organisations and activity mostly based online pains me, and attempts to create numerous authorities, alliances and collectives appeared to me to have sometimes fragmented matters further. Important pockets of researchers, futurists and political theorists were often drowned out by technophiles looking to observe what they consider the inevitable utopia as the result of technological progress.

As a resource that is neither a blog, news site or (primarily) a discussion site, I hope that H+Pedia can fill a much needed space in the transhumanist movement.

Transhumanist writings

Planned writings