Cyborg Bill of Rights

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The Cyborg Bill of Rights is a proposed set of rights for cyborgs proposed by Rich MacKinnon in 2017 protecting augmented people against discrimination and protecting the freedom to self-modify.[1]

The Cyborg Bill of Rights v1.0

Freedom from Disassembly

A person shall enjoy the sanctity of bodily integrity and be free from unnecessary search, seizure, suspension or interruption of function, detachment, dismantling, or disassembly without due process.

Freedom of Morphology

A person shall be free (speech clause) to express themselves through temporary or permanent adaptions, alterations, modifications, or augmentations to the shape or form of their bodies. Similarly, a person shall be free from coerced or otherwise involuntary morphological changes.

Right to Organic Naturalization

A person shall be free from exploitive or injurious 3rd party ownerships of vital and supporting bodily systems. A person is entitled to the reasonable accrual of ownership interest in 3rd party properties affixed, attached, embedded, implanted, injected, infused, or otherwise permanently integrated with a person's body for a long-term purpose.

Right to Bodily Sovereignty

A person is entitled to dominion over intelligences and agents, and their activities, whether they are acting as permanent residents, visitors, registered aliens, trespassers, insurgents, or invaders within the person's body and its domain.

Equality for Mutants

A legally recognized mutant shall enjoy all the rights, benefits, and responsibilities extended to natural persons