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David Icke On "Agenda 21 & Transhumanism"

David Icke is a British conspiracy theorist. He was at one time a footballer, a sports broadcaster, a political activist and lastly spokesmen/follower of the British Green Party (prior to its split into three regional based Green Parties as seen today) before becoming a leading name in the professional conspiracy circuit and icon within Conspiracy theorist community.


One of David's beliefs is that when not in the public eye, the queen is a reptile,[1] "shape-shifting" from old, frail and aging head of state, to something more akin to Godzilla when waltzing the halls of Sandringham house.

Icke has mentioned the film Transcendence in previous interviews as an example of AI takeover risk within a transhumanist context.[2][3]

He has written and spoken extensively about a sinister transhumanist agenda.[4]

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