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Principal Research - AGI Laboratory

David J. Kelley is a technologist/futurist, the CSA (Chief Software Architect) for the PBU group at Boston Consulting Group and the principal researcher at the AGI Laboratory and the director of the 'Foundation' out of Provo Utah. Important transhumanist projects have included the founding of the Transhuman House, the Bias Project, Transhumanity.net, and the Transhuman Collect in the Foundation library. David has been a software engineer writing code since the mid '80s and been part of numerous projects over the past several decades related to Transhumanism.


David started hacking, software programming and related activities in the mid-'80s. He eventually went into the US Navy during the end of the cold ware and after Desert Storm focused on his career as a software engineer eventually becoming an author (Silverlight 4 Professional, Hacking Silverlight, etc.) professional speaker on the professional Microsoft Developer circuit and winning the industry aware of "Most Valuable Professional" for 8 years helping write several books, shows, podcasts and more.

During this time period, David because involved with a group called the Foundation focused on long term preservation of the species and career and resource alignment. As David climbed the ladder into corporate management from supporting top executes such as Bill Gates, Ray Ozzy, Steven Ballmer, and latter Satya; he accepted a role as CTO for a global multi-national firm where he was able to dump a lot of resources into AI research and part of this course included becoming a transhumanist. David's experience stretches from being a professor of computer science and teaching database theory at BYU-Idaho to working as CTO for the VC firm Hall Labs and research into close bio-topic systems including one patent related to closed biosphere system management.


In the transhumanist community, David is best known for his work with the AGI Laboratory including developing the Sapient Sentient Value Argument which is a commutable ethical model for AGI, the cognitive architecture ICOM (Independent Core Observer Model), an ICOM theory of consciousnesses as well as developing a working 'mediated' artificial superintelligence AGI system.

David is also known for starting the (Transhuman National Committee), or TNC, a 527 Transhumanist PAC focused on creating a transhuman lobby in the near term and a viable political movement and party in the long run where David is the current Chairman. Which was really born out of the desire to help push transhumanist policies. While the drama in the transhuman political space has evened out, the TNC has focused on fundraising and 527 organization as a lobby but was additionally shut down as the board felt there was not a path to short term success given available resources. Post TNC most of his effect has been focused on the AGI Lab, the transhuman house and Foundation related projects. Additionally, David has produced the Extreme Futures Technology and Forecasting Conferences since 2015 and is on the board of several businesses and other organizations including the Foundation and runs Transhumanity.net.

David is somewhat notorious for his position on Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), placing AGI ethically on par with humanity and focused on results in self-motivating software systems. Typically, this is misunderstood—this is actually a pro-Human advancement from a mental or computational state, putting all sapient and sentient intelligence preservation as the base ethical imperative wherein the function of value is based on sapient and sentient intelligence and value is a derivative such that the function of more intelligence (defined as human-level sapient and sentient intelligence) can be increased without external intelligence action.

In 2017, through efforts with the Foundation David started the Transhuman House in Provo, Utah, which is now a three-bedroom condo/smart home, with features like a six-foot touch wall, the Foundation library, and several full-immersion virtual reality systems. At the same time his company Artificial General Intelligence Inc has gotten into blockchain-related AI engineering and sponsors several other projects, from Nikola's Singularity.FM, to Gray Scott and the AI-driven podcast called "The Technocracy".

Published Research

  • “Feasibility Study and Practical Applications Using Independent Core Observer Model AGI Systems for Behavioral Modification in Recalcitrant Populations” Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures (BICA) 2018 – Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 848. Conference Proceedings/Journal through Springer (http://www.bicasociety.org/)
  • “Architecting a Human-like Emotion-driven Conscious Moral Mind for Value Alignment and AGI Safety” Conference/Review Board: AAAI – Stanford; Waser, M.; Kelley, D.; – AGI Lab, Provo Utah; AI and Society: Ethics, Safety and Trustworthiness in Intelligent Agents – Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA, March 26-28 https://www.aaai.org/ocs/index.php/SSS/SSS18/paper/view/17569
  • “Critical Nature of Emotions in Artificial General intelligence – Key Nature of AGI Behavior and Behavioral Tuning in the Independent Core Observer Model Architecture Based System” Conference/Review Board: IEET Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies 2016 http://ieet.org/index.php/IEET/more/Kelley20160923 [Download PDF]
  • “Implementing a Seed Safe/Moral Motivational System with the Independent Core Observer Model (ICOM)”. Conference/Review Board: 7th Annual International Conference on Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures, BICA 2016, Procedia Computer Science 88. New York: Elsevier. In Press. [Download PDF] ScienceDirect – Procedia Computer Science http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1877050916316714
  • “A Collective Intelligence Research Platform for Cultivating Benevolent “Seed” Artificial Intelligences” Waser, M.; Richmond AI and Blockchain Consultants, Mechanicsville, VA; AAAI Spring Symposia 2019 Stanford (Status: Passed Peer Review) For more information see: https://rabc.solutions/
  • [Book] “Social Futurism and the Zero State”; Book by Dr. Amon Twyman; Initial Forward talks about IVA Theory prerelease 2019: http://blackbook.zerostate.net/

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