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Discord is a Slack-like rich chat application with a number of features.

Unlike Slack, it is entirely free and you can view channels as a guest without mandatory registration or invitation. There are web, desktop and mobile clients for it.

There is native voice chat support, something Slack doesn't offer.


Discord Network Organisation Comments
Transhumanism transhumanism.chat The network has been created by Carsten Kolassa[1] and has the potential to be good generic transhumanist chat network.[2]
Healthspan healthspan.tech Large-scale Life extension advocacy and activism
Lifespan.io Life Extension Advocacy Foundation Life extension advocacy and activism
Mind Uploading Lifetimes Infinity Mind uploading discussion
Artificial Intelligence AI discussion
Scientific Transhumanism Project hub from Carla Parsons
TechnoLibertarians Technolibertarianism Chat from Mike Lorrey
Futurology Endorsed by r/Futurology/