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Young child wearing the Emotiv EPOC

Emotive Inc. is a privately held bio-informatics and technology company, founded by Geoffrey Mackellar and Tan Le in 2011.[1]

"The brain is a very complex system. The frontal cortex, the region where most of your conscious thoughts and decisions are made, conducts much less than a tenth of the total activity in the brain. Planning, modeling of your surroundings, interpretation of sensory inputs up to and including your perception of reality, memory processing and storage and the basic drivers of your moods and emotions occur in many functional regions distributed around the brain, including the visual cortex at the rear, temporal cortex at the sides, parietal cortex behind the crown of your head and the limbic system deep inside the brain. The limbic system controls your basic moods and emotions, your fight/flight response and deeper long term memory encoding as well as control of basic bodily functions such as breathing and heartbeat."

- From The Science behind our technology Page on the Company Website[2]

SAP & Emotiv -the market leaders in mobile neuroinformatics solutions.

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