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Eray Ozkural is a Turkish AI researcher, philosopher, entrepreneur, transhumanist and musician who received his PhD in Computer Engineering from Bilkent University, Ankara. He publishes regularly in the fields of AGI and data mining. Some of his publications may be found on Google Scholar and DBLP. He is the recipient of the 2015 Kurzweil Prize for Best AGI Idea for his theoretical work that proves the physical completeness of Solomonoff Induction and proposes a physical foundation for algorithmic information theory.

He was a contributor to H+ Magazine, where his essays may be found here. He publishes articles on philosophy of AI, including AI ethics, and proposes a new form of physicalism he calls "strong physicalism", and has written articles that refute any variation of intelligent design.

Online activities

He is a founder of the AI Philosophy mailing list and community since the year 2000 (which is one of the earliest transhumanism related online communities), and cofounded the Facebook group Scientific Transhumanism which he later parted ways with due to political disagreements with other admins.

His writings include critiques of transhumanist initiatives including the 2045 Initiative, Humai, the Lifeboat Foundation, MIRI and Zoltan Istvan.[1]

Eray Ozkural is the founder of Transhuman Foundation, together with Jason Wright and Ben Zion, which aims an equitable and charitable future based on secular humanism and progressive politics. He has ongoing disputes with the U.S. Transhumanist Party over politics and communication style.[2] Ozkural is currently under threat of legal action, due to an abusive stalking and harassment campaign he began in 2016 toward a transhumanist woman from the USA after she disagreed with some of the wording he used in an online forum. Ozkural's generally non-political focus on the target indicates that his transhumanist views aren't the reason for this cyber abuse. Ozkural has attempted to use progressive politics to disguise often unrelated, abusive behavior.

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