Executive Committee Chairmen Orders 030302016.1

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This is a Transhuman National Committee document – not an encyclopaedia article. Please do not edit it without special permission.

Effective immediately the following changes will be made as per my executive role in the organization which action, of course, will be up for ratification or rejection in the next board meeting.

1. The admins will NOT be allowed to comment on any post for any reason without my express permission even for any administrative actions and will make my self available as much as possible for the time being including being available on the weekends.

2. No top level post will be allowed to live outside of whitelisted postings without David Othus or myself seeing it and reviewing it.

3. For a trial period up to the next board meeting, all administrative action will be public on the open forum.

4. All Board Members are to be held to a higher standard and not use emotionally charged language as the rules that expressly say this which we clearly adopted this last Saturday.

5. The board will look for new moderators as we must have US citizens post the 527 registration due to legal issues.

6. All Executive Committee members for the space of one week shall not comment on posts. (basically, only our two members at large can comment for one week namely Natasha Vita-More and Katharina Buholzer ).

7. ALL Board members are to have read the open forum rules that are now effectively law as per the convention. http://wiki.transhumanpolitics.com/index.php?title=Open_Forum_Rules

8. Anyone that makes a post that is questionable regarding rules they will have their white list status revoked immediately (if they are whitelisted) including board members.

9. Admins will not be able to make top-level posts.

David J Kelley, TNC Chairperson