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ExistenZ (stylized as eXistenZ) is a 1999 Canadian Biopunk science fiction body horror film written, produced, and directed by David Cronenberg.

It is described by some people as the Canadian/Biopunk version of The Matrix, but it involves more philosophy and less leather-clad ass-kicking.


In the near-future, organic virtual reality game consoles known as "game pods" have replaced electronic ones. The pods are attached to "bio-ports", outlets inserted at players' spines, through biotechnological umbilical cords. Two game companies, Antenna Research and Cortical Systematics, compete against each other. In addition, a group of "realists" fights both companies to prevent the "deforming" of reality.

Futurist and Transhumanist elements

The two major transhumanist themes within the movie are virtual reality and/or simulated reality. Synthetic biology based umbilical cords are also a key element behind the technology in the story.

Popular Culture

  • YouTube channel WatchMojo made ExistenZ number 10 in thier list of "Top 10 Amazing Cyberpunk Movies" despite the movie being more closely related to Biopunk in theme or "aesthetics".[1]