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Existential risks

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An existential risk or existential threat is a potential development that could drastically (or even totally) reduce the capabilities of humankind. According to the Global Challenges Foundation a typical person could be five times more likely to die in a mass existion event compared to a car crash.[1]

List of risks


Stances that can be adopted towards existential risks include:

  • Inevitabilism - the view that, for example, "the victory of transhumanism is inevitable"
  • Precautionary - emphasising the downsides of action in areas of relative ignorance
  • Proactionary - emphasising the dangers of inaction in areas of relative ignorance
  • Techno-optimism - the view that technological development is likely to find good solutions to all existential risks
  • Techno-progressive - the view that existential risks must be actively studied and managed[disputed]

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  1. Human Extinction Isn't That Unlikely