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Extrobritannia has supported transhumanism in the United Kingdom since 2002. It existed:

Formation of Extrobritannia

Extrobritannia was created and managed by Fabio Albertario and Julian Snape.

Initial participants had learned of each other's existence from messages on the Extropy Institute mail list. Regular participants at early meetings included Fabio Albertario, Julian Snape, Amon Twyman, Ben Cunningham, Alex Ramonsky, and Philip Chaston. The first meetings were in the downstairs café of Waterstones Piccadilly bookshop.

As meetings grew in size, new venues were adopted:

Photograph from Extrobritannia meeting

Extrobritannia meeting on Longevity Dividend 2006.jpg

This picture shows an Extrobritannia meeting in Conway Hall from around 2006, on the subject of the Longevity dividend. It is included from a PowerPoint presentation by Anders Sandberg.

Evolution of Extrobritannia

As several of the original organisers moved away from London, meetings were held less frequently. David Wood, who had been attending Extrobritannia meetings since 2005, volunteered to organise a number, and set up the UKH+ group on Facebook for increased publicity. From March 2009, these meetings were also publicised via the London Futurists meetup group.

The ExtroBritannia Yahoo group still continues with occasional activity.

Precursors to ExtroBritannia

Transhumanist activities in the United Kingdom prior to Extrobritannia include the following:

The organisers of TransVisionMM included David Flude, Nick Bostrom, and Garret Smyth.

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