Flame of Recca

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Flame of Recca is an Urban Fantasy Shonen Manga Series with a 1997-1998 anime Adaptation and some games


Recca Hanabishi was a High-School student with Pyrokinesis(cuz he's teleported to the present day from Feudal Japan when he's an infant and raised by a Firework maker) where he comes across a Girl with Healing Powers(which a corrupt Billionaire goes after for achieving Immortality for himself)

Transhumanist elements

even when this series leans toward Fantasy elements(including this fictional Universe's most of Superpowered Beings here are Baseline Humans with Magical Weapons), there are transhumanist elements: from Human Cloning(used to create either Renge), Human-Lion Hybrid, Cyborgs(namely Kamui), Genetic Engineering(involving Tendo Jigoku/Kouran Mori), and Natural-born Superhumans(including Immortal people)

many of this series Transhumanist elements are in the last 2 Story arcs that don't get 90s Anime adaptation(Sealed Lands and SODOM arcs)

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