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Fractal Future (F2), formerly the Fractal Future Network (FFN) is a community led futurist/transhumanist project support and outreach initiative for "envisioning and creating a better future" created by German transhumanist Michael Hrenka.

It had featured a WordPress blog, a DokuWiki, and a Discourse forum, but due to insufficient use of the first two platforms, and the extensive functionality of the forum, their functions have been subsumed within the forum, called the Fractal Future Forum (F3).

Fractal Future is based on the vision of a "fractal society" in which individuals have universal autonomy and can join and leave cultural groups of their liking freely, as explained in the article Fractal Futurism.


F3 is affiliated with the following organisations:[1]

History of Fractal Future



The FFN started out as "Social Future Metanet" with a Simple Machines Forum that was intended to be used by the technoprogressive Social Futurism community, as well as for people who might want to interact with that community.


The Social Future Forum switched to the Discourse forum software.


The Social Future Metanet was renamed into the Fractal Future Network in the hope that the more neutral branding would also attract US Americans who seemed to be repelled by the word "social", possibly due to its connotations with "socialism".


The motto "envisioning and creating a better future" was adopted as the official slogan of the FFN.



Community was officially renamed to "Fractal Future". Enabled the universal use of wiki functionality within the F3.


Announced the transfer of the external F2 blog and F2 wiki into the F2 forum.

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