Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism

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Published in 2018 by Kosmos

Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism (original Finnish title: Täysin automatisoitu avaruushomoluksuskommunismi) is a book by Pontus Purokuru.

From the author's website:[1]

There is too much of everything: the Sun generates generous amounts of energy, the forests are full of rotten plants, food is produced to be thrown into trash, banks create money from scratch, and the web is full of cultural products which can be copied without a limit.

Thus, politics must be based on abundance, not on artificial scarcity. We must act like the elite: maximize the benefits of society with the least amount of effort. Artificial intelligence and globalization can be steered to reduction of work and to generating enjoyment. Purokuru demands champagne and robots for everyone.

"It is necessary to get rid of grayness, dullness and shabbiness associated with the resistance of capitalism. Instead of capitalism, we do not want asceticism or return to the imaginary idyll of the countryside, but the luxury produced by the machines. Unpleasant jobs for the robots, money, leisure and volunteer work for the people!" [the author] declares.

The book shares its name with an internet meme that preceded it by a number of years.[2]

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