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This page describes a transhumanist political initiative that is supported by Transpolitica.

The initiative is summarised as Projects funded by smart positive feedback.

Description of initiative

(The following description is taken from the chapter "An introduction to tomorrow's politics" in the ebook "Anticipating tomorrow's politics".)

The final enabler of all other regenerative initiatives that deserves careful discussion is the funding and resourcing of these initiatives.

The short answer is that these projects will be collectively self-funded by smart positive feedback cycles. The result of spending money in support of these projects is that money will be saved elsewhere, in the medium term, as a consequence of the projects. In addition to the longevity dividend, there will be an important peace dividend and an equally important AI dividend.

In more detail, these initiatives can be funded and resourced by the following methods:

  • Tap into the well-spring of positive motivation and discretionary (volunteer) effort which these projects will unleash
  • Benefit from the longevity dividend, in which less budget will be consumed by end-of-life healthcare (prevention is cheaper than cure)
  • Smarter forms of international cooperation, reducing costs from efforts duplicated between different countries
  • When international cooperation enables it, divert funding from military budgets to regenerative budgets (peace dividend)
  • Eliminate the loopholes which allow multinational companies to shuffle revenues between countries and avoid paying due taxes
  • Apply the principle of “the polluter pays” with targeted new taxes such as when greenhouse gases are emitted
  • Savings from applying principles of automation and Information Technology wherever applicable (AI dividend).