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Australian futurist Ross Dawson maintains a ranking of futurists in terms of their influence.

The webpage gives the following explanation:

We have created this widget to provide a rough view of how influential futurists are on the web and social media.

A few important notes:

  • To be included on the list people need to self-describe as futurists and/or primarily work in thinking and communicating about the future. We are not making judgments on who is worthy of the description “futurist”.
  • The inputs to this list are Klout score, Alexa ranking and Twitter followers. As such to be included people must have a Twitter account, a Klout score, and a personal website. Since this is a measure of individual influence, we cannot use the website of an institution, as this would not be reflective of their individual impact. In a few cases we have used the website of a small consulting organization. As we can only include people if we have the necessary data for the algorithm, some prominent futurists do not appear on the list, since this data is not available.
  • Given the limited inputs, this is ONLY a measure of online influence, it does not reflect “real-world” influence.
  • This is not intended to be a rigorous list, but to provide an interesting, fun and potentially useful insight into the online influence of leading futurists.


As of 30th November 2015, the top sixty names on the list are as follows:

  1. Robert Scoble
  2. Dr. Michio Kaku
  3. Joi Ito
  4. Hans Rosling
  5. Richard Florida
  6. Don Tapscott
  7. Ross Dawson
  8. William Gibson
  9. Kevin Kelly
  10. Daniel Burrus
  11. Jane McGonigal
  12. Ray Kurzweil
  13. Peter Diamandis
  14. Jeremy Gutsche
  15. Ramez Naam
  16. Clay Shirky
  17. Gerd Leonhard
  18. Rachel Botsman
  19. John Hagel
  20. Jesse Stay
  21. Nova Spivack
  22. Thomas Frey
  23. Aubrey de Grey
  24. Patrick Dixon
  25. Douglas Rushkoff
  26. Ajit Jaokar
  27. Bob Richards
  28. David Orban
  29. Estelle Metayer
  30. Dan Hill
  31. Graeme Codrington
  32. Marina Gorbis
  33. Simone Cicero
  34. Stowe Boyd
  35. Jeremy Rifkin
  36. Doug Stephens
  37. Faith Popcorn
  38. Dr. James Canton
  39. Dave Evans
  40. Nicolas Nova
  41. Mike Walsh
  42. Emily Empel
  43. Heather Schlegel
  44. Salim Ismail
  45. Brad Templeton
  46. David Wood
  47. George Dvorsky
  48. Eric Garland
  49. Alphan Manas
  50. Anab Jain
  51. Jennifer Sertl
  52. Rod Falcon
  53. Mark Pesce
  54. Jamais Cascio
  55. John Seely Brown
  56. Brian Vellmure
  57. Mike Jackson
  58. Peter Vander Auwera
  59. Michell Zappa
  60. Jim Carroll