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Fyborg is a term coined by Alexander Chislenko meaning 'functional cyborg' in order to distinguish the term with the cyborgs of science fiction.[1]

It refers to the utilisation of technological tools external to the body, which is supposedly a more popular notion than having surgery to implant the technology. So, while a cyborg would use a mathematical processing chip implanted into his brain, a fyborg would use a calculator or notebook computer to perform any difficult calculations. A cyborg may have an artificial eye overlaying an interface onto the world, but a fyborg may achieve the same thing by wearing high-tech glasses.[2]

Fyborg Self-Test

  • Are you dependent on technology to the extent that you could not survive without it?
  • Would you reject a lifestyle free of any technology even if you could endure it?
  • Would you feel embarrassed and "dehumanized" if somebody removed your artificial covers (clothing) and exposed your natural biological body in public?
  • Do you consider your bank deposits a more important personal resource storage system than your fat deposits?
  • Do you receive most of your knowledge about the world through artificial symbolic language, rather than natural sensory experience?
  • Do you identify yourself and judge other people more by possessions, ability to manipulate tools and positions in the technological and social systems than primary biological features?
  • Do you spend more time thinking about -- and discussing -- your external "possessions" and "accessories" than your internal "parts" ?

If you answered "yes" to most of these questions, please accept my congratulations (and/or condolences): you are already a cyborg!