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The Gestalt Gamification Group (G3) is a hub connecting affiliated networks which share a focus on Gamification. The G3 approach to creative problem-solving comes from cybernetics and systems science. That approach is to develop feedback loops connecting [1] a computational model of the system in question on the one hand, and [2] the system’s goals (i.e. solutions to problems) on the other. Gamification is an excellent fit with cybernetics and systems science for a number of reasons:

Games are simplified models of the world, operating according to their own rules.

Games are often defined by agents seeking to achieve goals.

Games, work and life all frequently incentivize goal-seeking behaviour.

In other words, a model (e.g. of a company, as a system of employees) can make changes to its environment, and in turn sense how big a gap there is between the current state of the environment and the goal-state the system wants to achieve. Over a series of steps, the system will move closer to its desired state of affairs. If the system can remember those steps, simplify them and recall the simplified method for later use, then the system can be said to have learned.[citation needed]