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Ghost in the Shell (2017), or GiTS, is a live-action science fiction adaptation of the anime franchise Ghost in the Shell. The movie was directed by Rupert Sanders and starred Scarlett Johansson (Her, Lucy).[1]

The film can be classed as cyberpunk much like the original.


In the near future, humans have become enhanced by cybernetics. Attributes such as vision, strength and intellect can be upgraded with the aid of augmented technology.

Major Motoko Kusanagi, a cybernetic "human" and leader of the special Section 9 security and intelligence unit, is tasked with tracking down a hacker known as the Puppet Master.

Batou, a member of the Section 9 elite security force, is so artificially modified as to be essentially a cyborg himself. He is tasked to aid the Major, along with his mostly-human partner Togusa.

Transhumanist Elements

Cyborgization features heavily, much like in the original anime. There are lots cybernetic enhancements; After an explosion, Batou becomes the recipient of bionic eyes. Prosthetics also feature heavily too.

Brain-computer interfaces also featured prominently, and the brain-to-brain communications as seen in other GitS iterations also makes an appearance.

Memory augmentation in the form of implanted memories and memory glitches are featured in the film. The Major is also revealed to be taking a memory suppressing drug.

Future Tech Elements

Much like other GitS features, there is a heavy presence of both hypothetical and near-future technologies in the live action film including holographic technology and advanced weaponry.

Differences between Live Action & Anime

  • Unlike the anime where the Major is known only as Motoko Kusanagi, in the live action adaptation she is also referred to as Mira Killian, a name used to cover up her true identity and origins.
  • The live-action movie uses a different name for the main villain, although his methods and goals somewhat reflect those of the Puppet Master in the original.

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