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H+Pedia supports connecting transhumanists and content creators with the H+Pedia project with miniminal friction.

As such we have several ways of requesting site edits.

Article talk page

The best way to suggest improvements to a page is on the relevant talk page. It quickly allows anyone in the process of editing that page to identify additional content to update or integrate.

Contact a H+Pedian

If you know a H+Pedian personally, you can contact them via any advertised email, social media or 'Email this user' link available on their user page. If they like your content, they may integrate it or add it to a backlog for you.

Larger request

Requests from known H+Pedia associates will be considered via email. Join the mailing list to find out more.

A request via email may be converted into an section on the H+Pedia:Large edit requests page.

  • The requestor should consent to having their request posted there either verbatim - the request may thus need to be amended prior to submission
  • Email addresses should be typically be redacted
  • Unnecessary CC names, email trails and personal information should be removed