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There is potentially a gap in the market to create a well managed transhumanist forum to coordinate activism with community engagement.



The current transhumanist and futurist landscape is highly fractured. Facebook and Reddit has the highest number of members, but there are some other purpose-built forums attached to various sites too. Category:Transhumanist discussion forums

Both Facebook groups and Reddit suffer from limitations of their technical format and lack of coherent activist goals for interested members.

These divisions reflects the disorganised state of the transhumanist community as a whole.


There are a limited amount of explicitly futurist organisations with regular offline activities.

A more structured approach to such activity could improve things here.


Exceptions to this rule are individuals such as Aubrey de Grey and Ray Kurzweil who can command large audiences, however they are primarily focused on their own projects rather than grass roots organisation.

Other exceptions are the transhumanist party and similar political organisations which are using more traditional hierarchies and structures for accountability.

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In my opinion, there is a currently a 'land rush' to clarify certain transhumanist positions on issues of bioethics, politics, technology and social policy. Simultaneously, there is a small backlash around this increased politicisation.

As a consequence, the nature of what 'transhumanist activism' may be, is split between the 'bypassers', 'engagers' and 'ignorers'. Setting aside the idea of whether mainstream political activism is desirable or not, from an activism point of view we can safely ignore those individuals who are uninterested in contributing towards a better future, or who feel it will inevitably come to fruition without their engagement.

This leaves those people who want to make a difference either outside (e.g. Zero State) or within (e.g. Transhumanist Party) a traditional political narrative.

I suggest developing 'litmus tests' around opinion and engagement to separate the activists (and slactivists) from the inevitabilists and technophiles. These people should be studied as a demographic and engaged with. (This is one of the missions of H+Pedia).


H+Pedia aims to identify key transhumanist projects, be they scientific, social, artistic, political or technological that individuals can both evangelised but also financially or practically support and engage with.

This should simplify the process of someone interested in both activism and transhumanism building links and getting further involved with practical transhumanist projects.


Whilst H+Pedia can organise key individuals and projects, it lacks the workflow capabilities to match the community with the projects and create easy such feedback cycles.

As a consequence I feel ultimately a well researched, well sponsored central forum will be required which specialises in this area.