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H+Pedia provides the means for project teams to manage subwikis.

This page acts as a template suitable to be copied and edited, to become the top-level page of a new subwiki.

The core purpose of the subwiki should be described in a short section at the beginning of the page.

Please also identify the individual or organisation who is taking responsibility for the subwiki.

Subwikis will be selectively added to the H+Pedia home page by H+Pedia administrators, once they have reached a positive critical mass of content.

Suitability of projects

H+Pedia is a suitable host for a subwiki from a project if:

  • The content of the subwiki aligns with the aims and principles of H+Pedia
  • The content has a self-contained or semi-autonomous nature
  • There can be useful links between the subwiki and the rest of the content on H+Pedia.

Category mechanism

To help H+Pedia users to find the pages in the subwiki, the Category mechanism can be utilised:

  • Define a category name (likely to be the same, or a shorter version, of the name of the subwiki)
  • Include a category statement at the foot of each page in the subwiki


By default, all material in H+Pedia is licensed under the creative commons license, CC BY 4.0.

Exceptions can be made, where there is a special reason, and should be indicated as such on the page in question.

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