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Articles in H+Pedia are expected to be written either from the point of view of someone who identifies with the transhumanist movement, or someone with an awareness of transhumanism. This position can be a positive or negative approach, so long as it adds transhumanist context.

All articles should have intersectionality with emerging technologies, transhumanism, futurism, life extension etc otherwise they may be considered off topic or improperly written.

Not-so-good Better
$Person is a business person $Person is a business person, known for their involvement in <transhumanist topics>
$Concept is <wikipedia-like definition> $Concept is <short lede> and <relevance to transhumanist topics>
$Film is <general film information> $Film is <short lede> and <relevance to transhumanist topics>
$Technology is <general scientific information about technology> $Technology is <short lede about science> and <social or technological relevance to transhumanism>

Tag pages that need a better transhumanist point of view {{pov}} to place them within Category:H+Pedia:Transhumanist point of view