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Hank Pellissier is a US based transhumanist, writer, editor, speaker and producer.[1]

His professional background has included journalism and performing art.

He has been a frequent contributor to Humanity+ and since 2012 is the current managing director of the IEET.

He is the founder of Transhumanity.net which he ran until October 2012 when the site passed to Giovanni Santostasi. He would go on to found Immortallife.info.

From June 2013 he founded the Brighter Brains Institute which produced the Transhuman Visions conferences in San Francisco.

In 2013 he started the Facebook Page / political organization Democratic Transhumanism.

In October 2017 he founded the Transhuman Party following a trademark dispute with Zoltan Istvan's continued ownership of the 'Transhumanist Party' trademark.[2]

Writings include Invent Utopia Now.

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