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Full video of 'Top Ten Futuristic Products'

The Holodeck problem is a hypothetical problem associated with the invention of a pleasure device so addicting that it has the potential to be dangerously addictive.

The problem is outlined by popular YouTube puppets/futurists Glove and Boots Top Ten Futuristic Products:

Mario: Number 5 - Holodeck!

Fafa: No, no! Out of all futuristic products in the Star Trek universe, we should not create the holodeck. Let me explain. A holodeck is like a rec room on a star ship, you can interact with anything you can imagine.

Mario [off screen]: This is amazing!

Fafa: Mario's been in there for a week

Mario [off screen]: I'm not coming out!

Fafa: People would never, ever leave a holodeck. They'd sit around getting fed ice cream by Kate Upton or Bradley Cooper.

Mario [off screen]: Six! There are six Kate Upton's in my holodeck!

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