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Humans is a British-American science fiction TV series that first aired in 2015 on Channel 4 and AMC. It is based on a Swedish TV series called Real Humans that aired in 2012. [1]


A Man who is feeling lonely and overwhelmed at home, decides to purchase a synthetic (synth) to help around the house. This doesn't go down too well with his wife, who was away at a court case and returns to discover the synth in her home. Tension amongst the family members arises and later there is also an affair between the man and the "machine".

Meanwhile, another group of synths - which are self-aware - is either captured or on the run. They must hide their true nature from the world.

Transhumanist Elements

Series 1 focuses largely on establishing the robots (known as Synthetics, or "synths") and the ramifications that their use may cause. This theme is also carried forward into series 2.

The series explores AI, mind uploading, Robotics, morphological freedom, and series 2 begins by delving into the issue of sentient rights.

In episode 3 of series 2 it is hinted that Dr Athena Morrow (played by Carrie-Anne Moss from [{The Matrix]]) wants to save her daughter from a coma. In episode 4 this is further explored when it is revealed that she is said to be working on consciousness transfer and she and her wealthy backer, Tech entrepreneur Milo Khoury, toast over dinner to "cheating death".

The series also touches on the subject of technological unemployment.

Comparing Humans to Real Humans

An article on Den of Geek compares the differences between the Swedish original and the English adaptation.[2]

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