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Inferno is a 2013 conspiracy fiction novel written by Dan Brown.[1] The book was also adapted for film and released in 2016.

Film adaptation

Inferno was released in October 2016, but failed to live up to prior expectations that it would be the film that gave transhumanism its greatest public exposure to date. The film was adapted from the book of the same name by best-selling author Dan Brown.

Notable actors featured include Tom Hanks, Felicity Jones and Ben Foster.


One of the main characters, Bertrand Zobrist (played by Ben Foster), was described in publicity material for the film as "A transhumanist scientist, intent on solving the world's overpopulation problem".[2] This is despite the fact that Zobrist's character is not mentioned as a transhumanist at all during the movie. Another of the main characters was revealed later in the book to also have strong transhumanist sympathies.

The 2016 adaptation differed from the book by excluding any reference:

  • To the transhumanist technology of gene modification
  • To the 2010 Humanity+ conference held in Harvard
  • To the concepts of transhumanism or Humanity+

The movie also differed massively from the book by making the genetic "vaccine" portrayed therein, into an actual "plague"-like virus for the film.

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