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The International Transhumanist Politics Hub is the working title for a successor body to Transhumanist Party Global headed up by Chris Monteiro

A number of goals differ from TPG in that is is designed to be non-hierarchical in nature, and will accept far looser levels of affiliation. The core function will that of a contact and information centre for people interested in different types of transhumanist or futurist political activities in their countries or area of interest.


There will be different types of affiliation, from directly involvement through to simple endorsement. E.g. Elon Musk may not contribute, but we can endorse parts of what he does and says.

Setup committee

Future close affiliations

Organisations and people that would be brought under the umbrella in the future

Future projects

Beyond the core contact and information centre other functions could include:

  • Host a central forum - maybe using Fractal Future Network?
  • Link to other curated international transhumanist resources - or just to H+Pedia
  • Provide information about organising futurist activities in your country

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