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Josh Habka at the International Institute of Astronautical Sciences

Josh Habka is an American analog astronaut[1] and science communicator[2] known for his prevalence in the space industry and interests in biohacking and life extension.[3]

Involvement in Transhumanism

Habka is the Founder of the International Biohacking Community[4], a structured online network of people in the biohacking and transhumanism community across several social media platforms.[5] The International Biohacking Community has become known for its rapid adoption across platforms like Reddit and Discord, in addition to having an independent blog and forum website.

International Biohacking Community Presence
Forum Blog Reddit Discord Telegram
Forum Blog r/Biohacking The Biohacker Lounge The Biohacker Lounge
r/LifeExtension Life Extension
r/Immortality Grinding
r/WimHof WHM Cold Immersion
Transhumanism Community

It is likely that Habka is a registered full-body "cryonicist" at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation from interactions in "The Cryosphere", a topical cryonics Discord server. As of April 2024, Habka is following Alcor on Linkedin and has connections to: Max More, Sarah Kelly, Marji Klima, Ben Best, James Clement, Patrick Harris, and Michael Geisen, all affiliated with the Alcor Life Extension Foundation.[6]

Cybernetics Shop

Habka created a website in July 2022 called "Cybernetics Shop" which was a website which promoted NFC and RFID implantable technologies made by companies like Dangerous Things and CYBR, a speculated in-house manufacturer of epidermal electronics systems, NFC/RFID implantable devices, smart contacts, biomagnets, "augmentations", and "services". The viability of the products and services offered on the website at the time was contested in the biohacking community. The status of Cybernetics Shop is unknown as of April 2024.[7]

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