Kenneth Burke + The Posthuman

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Published in 2017 by Penn State Press

Kenneth Burke + The Posthuman is a book; edited by Chris Mays, Nathaniel A. Rivers, and Kellie Sharp-Hoskins.

"Rather than simply mapping posthumanist rhetorics onto Burke’s scholarship, Kenneth Burke + The Posthuman focuses on the multiplicity of ideas found both in his work and in the idea of posthumanism. Taking varied approaches organized within a framework of boundaries and futures, the contributors show that studying the humanist theories of Burke in this way creates a satisfyingly chaotic web of interconnections. The essays look at how Burke’s writing on the human mind and technology, from his earliest works to his very latest revisions, interrelates with current concepts such as new materiality and coevolution. Throughout, the contributors pay close attention to the fluidity, concerns, and contradictions inherent in language, symbolism, and subjectivity."

- From the book review on the Pennsylvania State University Press website.[1]

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