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Kristan T. Harris was a candidate in the U.S. Transhumanist Party 2020 Presidential Primary. A latecomer to the primary race, he joined after the 2nd debate in late August 2019. On September 4th, 2019 he was interviewed on Steele Archer's show Debt Nation.[1] He participated in the 4th USTP debate on September 14th, 2019.[2]

Political Experience

Independent journalist Kristan T. Harris enjoys a national reputation as a premier political activist, business leader, journalist, and futurist. Harris was elected and served on the GOP Platform Committee, in which he advocated reform of many GOP State Platforms, including:

  • Welfare relief through charitable organizations, increased tax breaks for those who donate
  • Elimination of state and federal income tax
  • Elimination of victimless crimes
  • Free-market economy and a full audit of the Federal Reserve

The majority of these platform proposals passed and were accepted. Shortly afterward, Harris campaigned for State Assembly in Wisconsin. He has a fundamental understanding of the U.S. Constitution and how laws are passed; he would be best described as a classical liberal or libertarian. In 2014 Harris was featured as one of the top 40 libertarian minds under 40 years of age by national libertarian talk-show host Tony Stiles and still remains active in the libertarian movement today.

Career and Personal Life

Harris is an accomplished business manager. Harris performed in the top 1% of two separate Fortune 500 sales companies, receiving numerous awards and recognition.

Harris has developed an online following as the passionate host of the Rundown Live. Harris in 2020 was a crucial journalist documenting the George Floyd protest and the Kenosha Unrest being one of three journalists to interview Kyle Rittenhouse prior to the shooting of 3 demonstrators, killing 2 in self defense on August 25, of 2020.

In January of 2021, Harris documented the occupying of Washington DC's Capitol building from outside after things got intense following the shooting of an unarmed female Ashley Babbit on Jan 6th, in Washington DC during a Trump Rally. He’s covered everything from ancient aliens to secret societies and government corruption. Milwaukee Record reported how he’d found alleged “occult symbolism” in Veterans Park. [3]

Harris is an unbiased journalist, and his writings on the Common Core curriculum, sustainable development, militarization of police, and government corruption have reached millions of readers. This candidate has interviewed many experts in the technological field, becoming well-educated in future technologies, beneficial advancements, and ethical concerns of transhumanism. [4]

He hosts an alternative news talk radio show / podcast called "The Rundown Live", which has explored and investigated conspiracy theories. Formerly he hosted a show called "American Intelligence Report", on which he interviewed Zoltan Istvan.[5]

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