La muerte de la muerte

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Published in 2018 by Deusto Grupo Planeta

La muerte de la muerte translated as The death of death is a Book by José Cordeiro and David Wood.

Is death inevitable? The history of humanity has been shaped by this fatal fact. Religions, borders and progress are born from the atavistic fear of death. Until very recently, that fear and that desire for survival only found consolation in religious paradigms. In the opinion of José Cordeiro and David Wood, however, the incontrovertible fact of death can now be refuted from scientific-technical foundations.

As explained in this informative and accessible book, far from academic or scientific darkness, death will be optional by 2045 thanks to exponential advances in artificial intelligence, tissue regeneration, stem cell treatments, organ printing, cryopreservation, therapies genetic or immunological that will solve -resolve already- the problem of the aging of the human body. An aging now considered as a disease that can and should be cured.

Based on a well-founded use of data and the forefront of the main initiatives and ideas on how to finance and even invest in the anti-aging sector, the authors defend not only morality but also the urgency of addressing this type of research.[1]

José Cordeiro: la muerte de la muerte (completo)

In "Death of Death", José Luis Cordeiro offers us evidence and arguments to show that the end of old age, disease and poverty, as well as the colonization of Mars, the emergence of strong artificial intelligence (conscious machines) , telepathy, the awakening of matter and technological singularity are much closer in time than most people believe. To the point that ... you will witness it?[2]

"The Death of Death" Part I Immortality & Part II Cryonics

Three-hour presentation at The Church of Perpetual Life in South Florida, USA. May 2018.[3]

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