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Lab Rats is an American superhero science fiction sitcom TV show, consisting of four seasons, that aired from February 27th, 2012 to February 3rd, 2016.[1][2] But their already spinoff crossover with other superhero show Mighty Med since 2015 named Lab Rats: Elite Force.


Lab Rats follows the story of a regular teenager named Leo, whose mother has married an inventor. His new stepfather owns a house that is run by a computer named "Eddy". In the basement, Leo discovers an experiment taking place, 3 bionic-enhanced teenagers named Adam, Bree, and Chase.

Transhumanist Elements

  • The computer that runs the house (Eddy) is an example of AI.
  • The three bionically enhanced teenagers are examples of Cyborgization. Each one has a unique ability. One with super-strength, one with enhanced speed, and the other has enhanced intelligence.

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