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LainChan is a cyberpunk culture and technology imageboard, created on the 20th of April 2014 by Kalyx and owned by Appleman1234 since September 8th 2016. The name is derived from the 1998 Japanese animated television show Serial Experiments Lain.[1] Lainchan is divided into multiple boards, dedicated to different topics falling under the cyberpunk cultural aesthetic. The most popular boards are sec for security, cult for culture, tech for general technology, and λ for programming.


Archive Best of Lainchan
Art Art gratis artis.
Civ Civics and Society
Cult Cyberpunk Culture
Cyb Cybersecurity and cyberpunk (de-listed in favour of /sec/ and /cult/)
DIY DIY and Electronics
Drg Drug science, and experiences
F Fileboard
feels Feelings and advice
Layer DesuDesuTalk board
lit Literature
Q Questions and Complaints
R Random/OT
Sci Science
Sec Cybersecurity
Tech Technology
λ Programming

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