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Libertarian transhumanism is the political ideology combining libertarianism and transhumanism. It is a form of liberal transhumanism whereby human enhancement must be entirely elective rather than coercive.

Relationships with other positions

The term may also be known as technolibertarianism or extropianism. A further anti-statist position is anarcho-transhumanism.

Social futurists and technoprogressives are critical of the libertarian limited social policy advocated by this group.

Strong synergies between the two philosophies include that of self ownership and rejection of state regulation of emerging technologies. Many US transhumanists are supporters of this ideology, as was the Extropy Institute. The idea is often associated with Silicon Valley technocratic libertarianism.

In fiction

BioShock, the first in a series of biopunk first-person-shooter video games, explored objectivism through the setting of an underwater city society, which had become a fallen utopia over a year before the player explore its ruins.

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