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The Lifespan Society of British Columbia, or simply Lifespan, is a nonprofit life extensionist organization based in Vancouver, Canada.[1][2] It promotes life extension through educational events and community programs.[1] Lifespan has also sought to provide cryonics services, leading it to challenge a British Columbia law against cryonics.[2]

Legal case

In July 2015, the Lifespan Society of British Columbia and member Keegan Macintosh filed a legal challenge against a 1990 provincial law, which apparently prohibited the sale of cryonics. Macintosh wished to buy services from Lifespan for it to, after his legal death, prepare his body and transport it for cryopreservation. The case was initially rejected by the courts, because no formal offer of cryonics services had been made. However, in October 2016, Lifespan proceeded to enter into a contract with Macintosh to provide such services. The case was finally settled in 2018, when the provincial government of British Columbia, according to Macintosh and fellow member Carrie Wong, "clarified its position as not intending to investigate and prosecute responsible cryonics practices in the province."[2][3][4][5][6]

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