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List of Facebook groups

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As of 2016 there are no major transhumanist forums on the Internet.

There are a multitude of large and active Facebook groups as well as some significant pages. This page serves as a central listing. Private groups which you must join to read and participate in are marked with the lock icon Lock.png

Facebook in control of transhumanist discussion


Group Approx members 2016 Affiliations or owner
Lock.pngSingularity Network 21,000 Singularity Network (Facebook)
Ray Kurzweil's Singularity 2,237 Ray Kurzweil fan group
Singulati: keeping an eye on the technological singularity... 1,990 Singularity Weblog
Singularity: The Syntellect Emergence 558
Life Extension - Transhumanism Science Technology Meditation 1,545
Posthuman Network 2,681 Posthuman Network / Rules
Scientific Transhumanism 15,681 Atheistic transhumanism
Global Transhumanist Association 5,996 Michael Anissimov
Transhumanism 4,400
Rational Transhumanism 3,966 FAQ
Transhumanism: The Future of Humanity 3,335
Lock.pngTranshumanist Citizens 2,011
Transhumanist Art 1,800 Transhumanist Art
Humanity Plus 1,476 Humanity+
Transhumanist sanctuary 530
H+Pedia 305 H+Pedia
Singularity Metaverse 746 Singularity Metaverse/Mark Larkento
Acceler8or 731 Acceler8or
Ray Kurzweil 11,521 Ray Kurzweil (unofficial)
Christian transhumanism 396 Christian transhumanism (closed submissions)
Irrational Transhumanism 778 Irrational Transhumanism/Futurist and transhumanist humour
Humanity Next 63 Including Spiritual transhumanism
Simon's Transhumanism group 110
Egalitarian Transhumanism 11,158 (Closed submissions)
Lock.pngPosthuman 240 Posthuman transhumanism
Moderate Transhumanism 37
h+ Magazine Contributors Group 1,897 H+ Magazine
The Hedonistic Imperative 3,796 Abolitionism
Lock.pngThe Foundation 43 The Foundation
The Transhuman Singularity 1,604 The Singularity
Abolitionist Transhumanism 217 Abolitionism and Veganism
General evolution theory 961
Lock.pngInstitute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies 1,875 IEET
Lock.pngTranshumanists In Education 302
Animal Cognition 3,111
Spiritual Transhumanism 293 Spiritual transhumanism
Lock.pngWorld Organization of transhumanism 191 Organización Mundial del Transhumanismo (English)
Organización Mundial del Transhumanismo 899 Organización Mundial del Transhumanismo (Español)
H Plus Divulgation Group 191 (Español)
Immortality Road Map  ? Immortality Roadmap
GF2045 1,746 2045 Initiative
H+ for Space 368 Space exploration
Positive Transhumanism - Technological Paradise 69
Augmenting Intelligence - Mind Uploading 3,350 Mind uploading
The Evolution of Science and Technological Life Extension 1,322
Singularity: The Syntellect Emergence 397 The Singularity
Terasem 322 Terasem Movement
Our Transhuman Futures 349 2015 conference at Juniata College
Buddhist Transhumanism 1,156 Buddhist transhumanism
Quantum Age Transhumanism 1,447
Philosophical Posthumanism 611 Philosophical posthumanism
Robot Cult 640 General / Robot Cult
NY POSTHUMAN RESEARCH GROUP 375 New York Posthuman Research Group
Reconstructive Consciousness 864 Reconstruction of consciousness/Digital immortality
Moral Enhancement 334 Moral enhancement
Simulated Reality / Posthumanism / Artificial Intelligence Debate 888 TBD
Vegan Transhumanists United 325
The in vitro meat question 320
Negative Utilitarianism 191
Morphological Freedom, Transhumanism, Life Extension & Enhancement 103 Libertarian transhumanism
Трансгуманизм 326 Transhumanism in Russian/Трансгуманизм‎‎
Transhumanismo 2,111 Transhumanismo (Transhumanism in Spanish)
SINGULARITY 1,257 Technological singularity
Russian Transhumanist Movement 1,344 Transhumanism Russia
Transhumanismus, Extropismus, Technooptimismus 1,296 Transhumanism Czeck
The Egalitarian Transhumanist society of India 342 Transhumanism India
Accelerating Change: A Transhumanist Collective 189
Transhumanist Library XChange 424 General

Geographic groups


Group Approx members 2016 Affiliations or owner
Oxford transhumanists
Longevity UK
Humanity+ UK
Oxford Transhumanism & Emerging Technologies
Longevity Party / Global Heathspan Policy Institute
Longevity Netherlands 264
Longevity Belgium 199
Longevity Alliance Denmark 241
Longevity Switzerland 180
Longevity Forum Austria 30
Longevity Cyprus - Hellas 105
Longevity Czech Republic 80
Longevity Finland 127
Longévité Santé
Longevity France
Longévité Santé
Lock.pngLongevity Party Georgia 74
Longevity Germany 257
Longevity Party Ireland 232
Longevity Alliance Italia 308 longevisti.it
Longevity Party of Macedonia 68
Longevity Moldova 73
Longevity Norge 114
Longevity Morocco 250
Longevity Party Poland (Zrzeszenie Długowiecznośći) 329
Longevity Portugal 95
Longevity Party Romania 212
Международный альянс за продление жизни (International Longevity Alliance) 833 ilarussia.ru
Партия продления жизни 2,510  ???
Longevity Alliance of Serbia 72
Human Longevity Spain-Longevidad Humana España 295 Spain
Svenska Livsförlängningssällskapet 104
Longevity Ukraine 138
Longevity Baltics 16
Longevity Bulgaria-Immortality 36


Group Approx members 2016 Affiliations or owner
Longevity party Bangladesh 126
Singapore Futurists
Longevity Party Singapore
Longevity China 270
Transhumanism PH
Longevity Philippines
Lock.pngBiopunk Manila Movement
Longevity Alliance Australia 160
Longevity Alliance India
India Future Society
India Future Society
Longevity Indonesia 35
Japan Longevity Alliance 90
Longevity Party Korea 165
Longevity Pakistan 377
Longevity Taiwan 141
Longevity party Thailand 93
Longevity Vietnam 99

North America

Group Approx members 2016 Affiliations or owner
Transhumanismo Ciudad de Mexico
Salud, Dignidad y Longevidad (MEXICO)
Transhumanism Mexico City
American Longevity Alliance
Stanford Transhumanist Association
American Longevity Alliance
Toronto Transhumanists 99
Lock.pngLongevity Canada 94

South America

Group Approx members 2016 Affiliations or owner
Longevity Brazil 221
Transhumanism, Science and Future Argentina 729 Argentina
Longevity Colombia 121
Transhumanism, Science and Future Uruguay 1,129 Transhumanism Uruguay
Longevity Chile 53 Life extension in Chile
Longevity Peru 86
Longevity Latin America 92
Longevity Venezuela 131

Middle East

Group Approx members 2016 Affiliations or owner
Egyptian Longevity Alliance 237
Longevity Alliance Iran
Longevity Iran
Longevity Iraq 68
Israeli Longevity Alliance 548 singulariut.com
Longevity Turkey 316
Longevity Middle East 79


Group Approx members 2016 Affiliations or owner
Longevity Party South Africa 190
Longevity Nigeria 135
Longevity - Benin
Longevity Party of Uganda 166
Longevity Africa 86

Futurist politics

Group Approx members 2016 Affiliations or owner
Lock.pngTechnolibertarians 3,790 Mike Lorrey/Technolibertarianism
Lock.pngZEROSTATE 3,170 Zero State
International Transhumanist Politics 23 Transhumanist Party Global
Decentralized Autonomous Society 1,493 Joel Dietz
Singularity - Political Philosophies 1,193 Mark Larkento
Transpolitica 439 Transpolitica
Democratic Transhumanism 333 Democratic Transhumanism
Technoprogressive Library 298 Technoprogressivism/Mark Larkento
Libertarian transhumanism 25 Libertarian transhumanism
Lock.pngSpace Party (Policy Advocacy Movement) 243 Space Party
H+ Politics 1,068 Transhumanist politics
The Venus Project 26,564 Venus Project

Meta groups

Group Approx members 2016 Affiliations or owner
Lock.pngH+ Hijacking Prevention Guardians 92
H+ Flash Media Team 128
H+ Council H+ Council

Transhumanist political organisations

Group Approx members 2016 Affiliations or owner
Transhumanist Party Virtual 1,408 Transhumanist Party Virtual
Transhuman National Committee of the United States 1,040 Transhuman National Committee
Transhumanist Party (US) 720 Transhumanist Party (US political organization)
Lock.pngUK transhumanist party 653 Transhumanist Party (UK)
Transhumanist Party Australia 294 Transhumanist Party Australia
Transhumanist Party India - TPI 286 Transhumanist Party India
Transhumanist party of Nevada 53 Nevada Transhumanist Party
#HplusCanada Rally+Organize 64 Transhumanist Party of Canada
Transhumanist party of Texas 11
Longevity Party 7,200 Longevity Party
Lock.pngTranshumanist Party of New Hampshire 41  ?
The Transhumanist Party of Calgary 183 Transhumanist Party of Calgary
Parti Transhumaniste France 171 Parti Transhumaniste France
Swedish Transhumanist Party 108
Netherlands Transhumanist party 95
Transhumanes Netzwerk 305 Transhumane Partei Deutschland

Life extension

Group Approx members 2016 Affiliations or owner
Global Healthspan Policy Institute 1,414 Global Heathspan Policy Institute
Live Forever Fellowship
Eternal Life Fans
Eternal Life Fan Club
Lock.pngTranscendence engineers 289
Immortality 6,609
International Longevity Alliance 5,539 International Longevity Alliance
Lock.pngComparative gerontology 382
International Science Research Alert Page 366
Lock.pngILA: Longevity Activists 501 Longevity Alliance
Discussing SENS 174 SENS
Ending aging: SENS, SENS Foundation, Aubrey de Grey 7,375 SENS
Longevity Month 102 Longevity Alliance/Longevity Day and Month
End Aging Now 3,574 Radical Life Extension
Lock.pngAwareness Algorithm 1,435 Awareness Algorithm
Legal Support of Longevity Research 406 Life extension policy
Effective Advocacy for (Radical) Longevity 134
LongeCity Local Chapters
LongeCity UK
LongeCity Australia & New Zealand
Longevity for All 222 Longevity for All
ILA: actions 649
ILA: Longevity Activists 616
PotentialGerontodrugsToTest 1,012
ILA Longevity Grant and Job Postings 1,115
Longevity Art 271
Lock.pngRAAD Fest 144 RAAD Fest
forever healthy 564 Forever Healthy
Longevity Conferences 195
Longevity Experts 76
MajorMouseTestingProgram 856 Major Mouse Testing Program
Effective Altruism 11,194 Effective altruism
Open Longevity 2,564 Open Longevity
Longevity Hub 403 Longevity Hub (defunct)
Regenerative Medicine 1,553


Group Approx members 2016 Affiliations or owner
BioHackers (GLOBAL) 410
Lock.pngFree State Transhumanist Biohackers 200


Group Approx members 2016 Affiliations or owner
The Cryonics Institute 8,648
The Phoenix Cryonics Group 350
Cryonics UK 309 Cryonics UK
Cryonics Society 187
Euro Cryonics 182
Effective Altruism & Cryonics 49 Effective Altruism & Cryonics
Cryonics Fellowship 97

Misc futurism

Group Approx members 2016 Affiliations or owner
FutureTimeline.net 13,255 Future Timeline
Science, Technology, and Society discussion corner 7,054
Science, Technology & the Future 7,476 Science, Technology & The Future
Alexandria Novus Library Group 76 Mark Larkento
Foresight Institute 2,291 Foresight Institute
Techno-Optimism 4,508 Techno-optimism
Technogaianism 1,009 Technogaianism (idea)
AI Safety Discussion 415
AI Philosophy 5,819 AI
The Future of Artificial Intelligence 2,747 AI
Future Day 1,809 Future Day
Hedonistic Utilitarianism 417 Hedonistic Utilitarianism
Future Hunt 1,064
Less Wrong (now 'Brain Debugging Discussion') 5,227 Less Wrong
Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) 1,220 AI
Superintelligence 1,231 Superintelligence
Lock.pngAltruism 115
Future Hunt 898
Institute for Science and Human Values 3,995
Ambassadors of A.I. 163 AI
Virtual Reality 1,042 Virtual reality
The Brain Cafe 16,424
Augmenting Intelligence - Mind Uploading 3,189 Mind uploading
Cyberpunk Science Fiction & Culture 13,880 Cyberpunk
Cyberpunk 14,923 Cyberpunk
Cyberlife 176 Cyberlife
Friends Who Like Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News 131 Biotechnology
Future Hunt 925 Futurism
Radical Rationalist Memes 427 Less Wrong humour
Orion's Arm 238 Orion's Arm Universe Project
The Singularity Comedy Network (TSCN) 454
Deus Ex: Universe Hub 3,104 Deus Ex
carboncopies 1,823 CarbonCopies
Manila Biopunk Movement 203 Biopunk/Biotechnology
The Future, Getting There from Here 2,458 Samantha Atkins/Futurism
Eclipse Phase - Transhuman Conspiracy and Horror 755 Eclipse Phase
Lifeboat Foundation 5,629 Lifeboat Foundation
Science & Futurism with Isaac Arthur 2,151 Isaac Arthur