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List of YouTube channels and podcasts

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A handful of transhumanists produce YouTube videos and podcasts.


General media and can be found at transhumanist music, music and sex robots.


Channel Owners/Affiliations Link Comments
Nikola Danaylov - YouTube
Adam Ford - YouTube
Khannea Suntzu - YouTube Futurist and technoprogressive commentry
Eternal Life Fan Club YouTube
Transhumanist Party (UK) YouTube UK transhumanist politics content
Transpolitica David Wood YouTube UK transhumanist politics content
London Futurists David Wood YouTube (Old channel) Futurist lectures
Gennady Stolyarov - YouTube
Humanity+ YouTube
David Wood - YouTube
Serious Wonder YouTube
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News YouTube
CGP Grey - YouTube Political and futurist videos
Mormon Transhumanist Association - YouTube
Aging Reversed Life extension YouTube
Tom Scott YouTube Futurism and Geekery
Church of Perpetual Life YouTube
Institute of Exponential Sciences YouTube
2045 Initiative YouTube
People Unlimited YouTube
RAAD Fest Coalition for Radical Life Extension YouTube
Humanity Death Watch YouTube Futurist and transhumanist humour
NowThis Future YouTube Futurist and tech news
BioViva YouTube
Miss Metaverse YouTube
The Edge of Living Memory Jochannon Ben Zion YouTube Techno-optimism commentary and humour
Aging is a disease YouTube
Zero To One Project YouTube
SexyCyborg YouTube
LongeCity YouTube
Nicholson1968 YouTube Critic: conspiracy theories and transhumanism
Lifespan.io Life Extension Advocacy Foundation YouTube
The Future And You thefutureandyou
Singularity 1 on 1 Nikola Danaylov singularityweblog Interviews with prominent futurists
Changesurfer Radio James Hughes IEET
Serious Wonder iTunes
Future Thinkers futurethinkers.org
AFT Technoprog YouTube
Christian Transhumanist Podcast Micah Redding brickcaster.com/christiantranshumanist Discussions around christian transhumanism
BioTrove Podcasts BioTrove Investments iTunes Longevity research
LongeCity Now LongeCity Forum based

Aggregators and playlists