Local maximums

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Local maximums is a concept in transhumanist philosophy referring to stable states of human optimization and existence which don't suppose the need or desirability for further evolution.


The majority of humanity believe that drug addicts, certain criminals, unambitious people unnecessarily receiving state assistance or other adherents of 21st century soma are wasting their potential, despite the great amount of pleasure that can be derived from a whole range of activities.

Contemporary transhumanists believe that humanity's evolutionary journey is incomplete, either physically, mentally, morally or as a society.


Transhumanist philosophers[1] speculate whether future stages of human evolution might reach future models of optimisation which discourage further exploration of states. Examples of this could include:

  • Rejecting / Overly accepting human augmentation
  • Rejecting / Overly accepting neural link technology
  • Rejecting lives alongside AI / Overly accepting lives alongside AI
  • Rejecting AI augmentation / Merging completely with AI
  • Remaining as planet bound entities / Becoming less physically distinct entities
  • Not spending enough time in virtual reality / Spending too much time in virtual reality