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The Longevity Cookbook is a book that was being written by Maria Konovalenko together with Steve Aoki, Anna Kozlova and Mark McCormick.[1]

The book is described as; "A strategy to defeat aging: from diet to cutting-edge science to make you look good and live longer." The project was successfully funded via an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in 2015[2]

On Feb 29th 2016 an article featuring the first chapter of the book appeared on Medium.[3]

Wind down

The project didn't achieve it's full scope due to a number of issues:[4]

"Dear supporter,

Today I’m writing to you to deliver the Longevity Cookbook. It has been an incredibly long time, and I would like to sincerely apologize for that.

The Longevity Cookbook is the work product of the Science for Life Extension Foundation, a Moscow-based non-profit. The book that you find attached to this note is by no means a completed work; the reason for that (and for the delay) is that the Foundation team that was working on it at the time of the crowdfunding campaign grossly underestimated the cost that was necessary to complete the project (for example, the amount of taxes due in California wasn’t taken into account). I had a falling out with the Foundation at the end of 2014, and this also contributed to the delay in the delivery of the book. Since then I have put more than $9,000 of my own personal money into the Cookbook project, but I can’t bring it to completion by myself.

The Cookbook as you find it now will tell you about a few cool things nonetheless. You will learn about the existing pharmacological and gene therapy approaches to boost longevity, the impact your microbiome may have on your health, existing dietary interventions and even about growing food with required properties. The Cookbook ends with a summary of the impact of various foods and beverages on different age-related diseases. The Cookbook contains an extensive (though by no means comprehensive) compendium of risk factors and mitigating factors relating to diseases of aging, including a citation of the scientific studies that were carried out to investigate the impact of a particular food product on a certain health parameter in a certain population.

This project did not go as I hoped or planned. I am personally embarrassed by the idea that many of you believed in the project, supported us, and what I was able to deliver was but a shadow of what I would have hoped for. If you are angry, I understand that. I might be too. But I have really tried my best. Please, forgive me for the broken trust and the delay in the Longevity Cookbook production.

It is my hope you will find the gathered information useful in your everyday life."

Sincerely yours, Maria Konovalenko

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