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The first international Longevity Day was on October 1st, 2013,[1] the same as the UN International Day of Older Persons.[2] The event was also held in 2014,[3] and a larger scale international event happened in 2015.[4]

Many life extension events were held around the world around this date. It was a project by Ilia Stambler via Longevity for All and LongeCity.

Longevity Day and Month, 2016

Recognising that "Longevity Day" activities tend in practice to spread throughout the month of October, rather than being restricted to a single day, a new headline was introduced for 2016: "Longevity Month":[5]

This year, it was suggested, while keeping the “longevity day” concept as would be desirable to particular groups and activists, rather to emphasize and organize the longevity promotion events in October in a new framework – as “The Longevity Month” – as usually the “longevity day” events spread through the entire month of October.

To mark Longevity Month 2016, H+Pedia held a competition focused around improving the coverage of longevity related articles across the site.


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