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Man of Steel is a 2013 Superman movie that sets up the DC Extended universe, which competes with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The film differs significantly from previous incarnations of the well established Superman franchise in that significant amount of time is spent fleshing out the society and values of Krypton and setting them at odds with Clark Kent who is as always embodying the lawful good American spirit.

The universe received various updates such as increased AI elements as well as telecommunications, surveillance drones and efficiencies of research via the internet.

Transhumanist themes

Kryptonian society has been genetically engineered in artificial wombs for generations into a genetic castes governing their futures. Jor El and his wife sought to challenge this orthodoxy by parenting a child without such modifications in the hope that an emphasis on free will rather than genetic optimisation could maximise his potential.

Meanwhile, the ineffective ruling faction narrowly prevents a coop from General Zod of the militaristic faction, neither of which are able to recaptured the lost Kryptonian spirit of exploration in time to save Krypton from destruction.

This sets the scene for conflict on Earth 30 years later as Zod's eugenicist exiles attempt to eradicate the people of earth to terraform a new Krypton.

The implications of the the sentience and autonomy of the apparently fully sentient AI replica of Jor El and his later destruction remain unexplored.

The presence of 'good transhumans vs evil transhumans' is taken seriously throughout with the commentary that people will fear Superman due to his human appearance but biologically distinctive nature.

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