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Marc Roux is chair of the French Transhumanist Association (AFT-Technoprog) and affiliated scholar at the Institute for Ethics and Emergent Technologies (IEET). He lives in Greece. In 2009, he co-founded AFT-Technoprog, the first French transhumanist organization that is characterized by its techno-progressive dimension. With this association, he organized several symposiums in Sorbonne University, as well as TransVision14, the first international transhumanist conference organized in France, and contributed, with the HEALES organization, to TransVision 2017 in Brussels. Since then, He spokes at the French National Assembly, at the European Forum of Bioethics of Strasbourg, he was auditioned by the National Consultative Council of Ethics, by the french section of UNESCO, etc. He’s frequently consulted for academic studies, by financial groups or companies, as well as by political parties and the media. He’s the author of numerous articles published by AFT association and the IEET. He’s contributed to several academics publications on transhumanism and wrote, with Didier Coeurnelle, TECHNOPROG: transhumanism at the service of social progress (in french, FYP, 2016).