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The Methuselah Foundation (or M Foundation) is a nonprofit organization working to advance tissue engineering and regenerative medicine that was founded by David Goebel and Aubrey de Grey in 2003.


The foundation's goal is to create a world where ninety-year olds can be as healthy as fifty-year olds by 2030.

Key work

Since its founding, the Methuselah Foundation has raised over $4 million in funding for regenerative medicine research and development.

The field of regenerative medicine is in need of support. The field of tissue engineering, for example, receives less than $500 million in annual federal funding, compared to $5 billion for cancer and almost $3 billion for HIV/AIDS. The M foundation aims to bridge this funding gap, increase awareness, and ignite public demand for progress.

Since its inception, the foundation has helped to put regenerative medicine on the map as a source of comprehensive solutions for age-related disease, disability, and preventable suffering.

The 300

One of M Foundation's methods of raising awareness and funding for research is The 300. Since 2005, 150 men and women have committed to giving $25,000 over 25 years to help M Foundation achieve its goals. Their names are now honored on a monument in St. Thomas.

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