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Morgan is a British-American horror/suspense movie, released in 2016, with biotechnologically themed science fiction elements that was directed by Luke Scott and written by Seth W. Owen.[1][2]


A bioengineered child by the name of Morgan begins to be able to walk and talk only one month after being born. But when the girl (Morgan) attacks an employee at the facility where she was created, a specialist is brought in in order to asses the dangers of keeping her alive. Morgan later escapes and the people at the secretive facility end up battling for their lives.

Transhumanist Elements

Biological/Genetic engineering is the main element of transhumanism featured in the film.

Cognitive Trailer

Morgan is also famous for its trailer being created using the AI of IBM's Watson. "20th Century Fox has partnered with IBM Research to develop the first-ever “cognitive movie trailer” for its upcoming suspense/horror film, “Morgan”. Fox wanted to explore using artificial intelligence (AI) to create a horror movie trailer that would keep audiences on the edge of their seats."[3]


A review on Screen Rant by Chris Agar said; "It toys with some interesting concepts, but Morgan ultimately favors generic action over developing its core ideas into something more fascinating." [4]

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