Movement for Indefinite Life Extension

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Movement for Indefinite Life Extension or MILE is a popular Facebook page providing information about and enouraging activism around life extension research. MILE is run by Eric Schulke[1]


The movement for indefinite life extension is the loose coalition of increasing activities working to reach the goal of indefinite life extension as soon as possible. The movement is represented by many people, projects and organizations. It collects people-power and resources for this work through a Facebook page because more people gather in Facebook than any other place in the world.

The movement for indefinite life extension directly engages in awareness generating activities for this collective work. It conducted the first indefinite life extension related crowdfunded promotional project, ran an online demonstration, engages, rallies and gathers activists, conducts interviews, produces and opinion leads on key philosophy found through out its page notes and various media, contacts movers and shakers, produces videos, sets goals, helps bolster related projects and much more.

Three of the main points it focuses on spreading are:

1. Why people should want indefinitely long healthy lifespans

2. Why they should think that achieving the goal is feasible and

3. What everybody can and needs to do to ensure the best chance of it happening in as many of our lifetimes as possible.

Subscribe to the page so you can stay updated on and join the next awareness generating projects as they come out, and on what all the people, projects and organizations working directly and indirectly toward the goal of indefinite life extension are doing.[2]

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