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Mr. Vortex is an anonymous Turkish transhumanist,[1] computer engineer and also active as a YouTuber. He represents himself as a cyborg character in the online world and frequently creates content on transhumanism, artificial intelligence, internet culture, and other technological topics.

There is not much information available about Mr. Vortex's identity, and he operates anonymously.

Mr. Vortex's character

Mr. Vortex currently does not have a dedicated website. Although he stated that he was dealing with some artifical intelligence projects, he did not openly present them online.



Transhumanism themed videos include:

Transhümanizm ve LGBT - Talks about lgbt, post-genderism and transhumanism

Transhümanizm: Buzdağının Görülmeyen Yüzü - Explains topics about transhumanism as iceberg chart video

Transhümanizm Nedir ? - Explains what transhumanism is

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